Erin Marie Sills

I grew up in Indiana but married a Kentucky boy and we now live in Lexington. We have 3 kids, a boy and two girls. We love family time, traveling and Kentucky basketball.

I have always loved food and nutrition. I graduated from Ball State University in dietetics and then completed an internship at the University of Kentucky Hospital to become a Registered Dietitian. I earned a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Kentucky and completed additional training through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute to become a Certified Health Coach. 

I worked as a hospital dietitian for several years but after the birth of my first child I traded in my lab coat for yoga pants and became a stay at home mom. I immersed myself in breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and baby food making. Once my youngest child transitioned to solid food I founded Health Happens at Home to share my passion for nutrition with others. 

I understand the challenges of family health with busy lifestyles. My strategies and solutions are formed from my personal experience, expert knowledge and credible resources. 

Let's get started on our wellness journey!

10 Tidbits About Me

  1. Erin Marie is my first name even though it’s two words. While most people just call me Erin, I’ll answer to either one.
  2. I love to organize. My husband even added a comment about my organizing in our self written wedding vows.
  3. I was a lifeguard and swim lesson instructor in high school and college. I even competed in an international lifeguarding competition.
  4. I have never colored my hair. Although that may change since I’ve spotted a few grays coming through.
  5. I have a obession of Ball jars. It started with attending Ball State University, founded by the Ball Brothers. I use the jars for food storage, décor, soap dispensers, organizing and flower vases. I have a whole kitchen cabinet devoted to my jars and lids.
  6. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite indulgence. 
  7. I seem to be prone to vestibular issues. I developed Mal de Debarquement syndrome after a cruise. I also may have Mineire’s disease. I have recovered, but now follow a low sodium diet to help decrease the risk of another flare up.
  8. I love Zumba! The music and the moves. I am not very good, but I have a blast doing it.
  9. My oldest child is attending a hybrid school for kindergarten. He attends school 2 days a week and I home school the other days.
  10. Two of my three kids are very picky eaters. They don’t seem to care that their mom is a dietitian and health coach. 

Our 2017 family Christmas photos