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Well this month's plan has a lot of repeated meals from the last two month. This is because for one reason or another I didn't end up making the meal, but I still would like to try those meals. I've decided to record what we end up having each night for dinner so you can see what an actual month looks like for us. Life happens so the plan changes. Having a plan means we are more intentional with our meals and I usually have ingredients on hand to throw something together even if it isn't on the meal plan. I'll post this months calendar edited with what we actually eat so you can see the differences next month. 

If you want some help learning to plan meals for your family, just contact me.

Here are a few links for recipes included above:

  • Tuna Noodle Casserole. I also add in some bell pepper for more veggies. I use my mini food processor to very finely chop the onion so  my kids won't notice it. 
  • Garlic Ravioli and Sauteed Zucchini. This is a treat for me. I love ravioli, but it is not whole grain. I can't find whole wheat ravioli in a store in Lexington and I don't want to  mess with making it myself. 
  • Zucchini Bread. I had a mammoth zucchini from my Father-in-law's garden so I used the same zucchini for the Ravioli and the bread.
  • Skillet Lasagna. I don't always add beef. I discovered last month that I need to puree the cottage cheese (no added salt cottage cheese from Whole Foods) or my kids revolt. 
  • Beef Fajitas. Cook the beef (grass fed steak from Trader Joe's) in the slow cooker. Add any toppings (carrots, cheese, avocado, refried beans, black beans, corn, sour cream). I'll serve with whole wheat tortillas (from Trader Joe's) but you could also put over rice or lettuce (a salad or on a romaine "boat")
  • DIY French bread pizza. I'll buy a French bread loaf and "make" sauce (open a jar, add 2 melted (previously frozen) cubes cauliflower puree and some frozen spinach and puree), add cheese, and let each family member top their own pizza with veggies and ground beef. 
  • Roasted Chicken (pastured chicken from Whole Foods) in the slow cooker. I follow this basic recipe, except I add a lemon in the cavity of the chicken. It really make a huge difference. When cooking veggies in the oven, I use my Silpat baking mat (made in France) and my half sheet pan. I also make broth with the left over chicken bones. 
  • Chicken salad is just left over chicken, Green yogurt, grapes, celery, pecans, and a little lemon pepper Mrs. Dash. I'll use my bread machine to make honey whole wheat bread.
  • Parmesan eggs. This is a new recipe so we'll see how it goes. I'll probably sub milk for the cream. 
  • Salmon quesadillas are just Trader Joe's whole wheat tortillas, Trader Joe's Alaskan canned salmon (no added salt), cheese, avocado and shredded carrots.
  • Stromboli. I use this dough recipe with while whole wheat flour instead of all purpose,  "make" sauce (open a jar, add 2 melted (previously frozen) cubes cauliflower puree and some frozen spinach and puree). Roll out dough, add sauce, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, cheese and any toppings. Roll up dough, pinch ends together, and bake.
  • Waffles. Sometimes I add cottage cheese, pureed to my eggs for even more protein.
  • Miso Salmon. I use Braggs soy substitute.
  • Dutch Oven Pancake.
  • Tuna quinoa cakes. This is a new recipe. I'm using no added salt canned tuna from Whole Foods.
  • Deviled eggs (no mayo) and whole wheat biscuits. These are new recipes too.
  • Boxed mac and cheese, add some veggies (shredded carrot and/or peas), may add some tuna/salmon/chicken. I can only find it in store at Target and Whole Foods but Amazon carries it.

Here is a week in August detailed by meal.

Links to recipes from above:

As you can see most meals are easy to prepare. I am a busy mom and now a blogger. I try to fix easy, fast, healthy meals for my family. I'll keep updating my Pinterest boards with these recipes and others so be sure to follow me. 

We are also starting intentional family play time this month. I've come up with a list of activities I want us to do this month to get our family moving together. I'll add these to the calendar as we do them and post the calendar again next month. (More family play ideas are included in L.E.A.N Start Session 1 - Contact me if you'd like to go through these workshops.)

Family Play Activities:

I hope you have found some meals or activities to inspire healthy living in your family.

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