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A New Way to Grocery Shop! A Review of the Kroger ClickList

A Review of the Kroger ClickList. Read now or pin for later - Health Happens at Home

I just tried the Kroger ClickList which is new to our area. The idea is simple.  You grocery shop on Kroger's website and submit an order.  Then you go to the store at a designated time the following day and they bring out your groceries and load your car while you pay the attendant! Cool right? 

I've been hesitant to try it because, in general, I find Kroger's prices to be slightly higher on the items I buy. Also, I buy several specialty items to fit my own dietary restrictions (strict sodium restriction for Meniere's disease) that will still require a couple extra stops. But overall, I must say I was impressed! The convenience, especially when you have small children, is pretty amazing!

A review of the Kroger ClickList. Read now or pin for later - Health Happens at Home

What I liked:

  • I could make edits on my shopping list until midnight the night before pick up.  So you have the ability to change an order after it is submitted.
  • Maybe most importantly, I didn't have to endure the torture of grocery shopping with 3 small kids! Or even the unloading/reloading of kids for just a few things.  This is a huge plus for parents on the go with a busy schedule.
  • There is a place for detailed notes like how many green vs ripe bananas that I want.
  • There is an option to allow a substitution for an out of stock item. I had 2 half gallons of milk substituted for 1 gallon that I ordered. The delivery attendant addresses the substitutions with you before they complete your order. Another example of a substitution would be an alternate brand change.
  • The groceries were loaded in the car for me.
  • The service fee was waved on my first use of the service.  Typically at our area Krogers, the fee is about $5.00.  This seems like a great deal given the time saved and the convenience.

What I didn't like:

  • Same day pick up is not available right now
  • Not every item had a food label and ingredient list on the shopping website. Label reading is essential to nutritious eating and avoiding trans fat and preservatives
  • You have to pay using a card. We like to take out actual cash to keep our food spending in line with our budget.
  • Not all the substitutions were exactly what I would have chosen.

Overall the convenience was more than worth it for me! While I likely will not use this every month, I will definitely consider it during busy seasons and bad weather! Way to go, Kroger! 

Do you use the Kroger ClickList? What was your experience? Share in the comments.

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