Healthy Living Monday Motivation

Looking for some Health Living Inspiration? Here are links to promote a healthier life.

Well I know Easter is over, but I often start thinking about how to improve next year as soon as the holiday is over. Here are 50 ideas of things to include in Easter Eggs besides candy. These could also work as stocking stuffers at Christmas. 

Speaking of Easter, check out how my family celebrated in this post. In our "carrot eggs" we had band-aids, stickers, and a mini eraser for the white board/chalk board.

Is your family gearing up for spring sports? I enjoyed this post from 100 days of Real food about feeding your family nutritious meals on the go. 

When you feed your child (or yourself) junk food, you get back junk behavior, junk learning, and a junk mood. Learn more about Nutrition Deficit Disorder in this post and consider taking an eWorkshop to gain more tools to fight it!

We keep hearing organic food is healthier, but is it? Learn more about the true guidelines of the "organic" label and what that means for our food in this post.

What is your inspiration this week for some healthier living? Share in the comments!

Erin Marie

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Posted on March 28, 2016 .