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It's fall: apple and pumpkin season. Get some facts on apples in this great post.

Do you have trouble getting kids to talk after school? I seriously do. I am going to try a few questions offered by the experts from this post as an alternative to, "how was your day?".

I love this list on energizing snacks instead of reaching for coffee/caffeine to get through the day. And this post also have a few ideas for eating to optimize energy on tired days.

I love this list of mother-son date ideas (many could also apply to girls) to get some intentional time with my boy.

The Basics on Buckwheat is my recent post for the series on ancient grains.

Get the recipe for fall flavor infused granola by clicking on the image below.

Orange Cranberry Ancient Grain Granola

Orange Cranberry Ancient Grain Granola

Let me know any posts that have inspired you lately by commenting below. 

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Posted on October 16, 2017 and filed under Monday Motivation.