25 Last Minute Healthy Gift Ideas

25 Last Minute Healthy Gift Ideas. Read now or pin for later. - Health Happens at Home

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I am a practical person and enjoy giving gifts that promote healthy living. So I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite healthy gift ideas for you. Most of the pictures are links that will take you to Amazon where you can investigate each further.  No matter your budget there are ideas for you on this list. 

1. Kitchen and food preparation gadgets & small appliances.

I've only included items I actually own, use, and love - you may have others you like, but this should get you thinking. Commentary on how I use the product is included under the image.

I grate carrots and cheese and my hand on occasion. Hence the cut resistant gloves. 


I love the lid, prevents dirtying another dish with leftover cinnamon rolls.

Seriously the best. I'd love a whole set of these...I just have 2 paring knives. 


I use the immersion blender all.the.time. I use the mini food processor to get onions very fine so my kids won't find them. 

Went through like 3 cookie sheets until I found this at TJ Maxx. It's amazing!

Love that I can prep and not dirty another bowl for storage


Does an amazing job with popcorn & I use the pot for lots of other stuff.


Love my silpat! clean up is a breeze and I trust the safety standards of a French company.


These cutting boards are dishwasher safe and won't dull knives!!!


so easy to clean!

Makes doing the dishes a little less terrible.

You don't have to peel first!

The carry features makes transport to that pot luck easy.

Snap on case keeps the beaters from getting lost.

2. Fitness equipment


3. Fitness Tracker or pedometer

Fitbit and similar brands track fitness and sync to an app but are more expensive. Or you can go with a more basic pedometer. We use Fitbit brand in our house.

4. Group exercise class card (Zumba, Yoga, etc.) or sessions with a personal trainer

If the gift is for a woman who has given birth, consider MuTu System.  Learn more about how I'm healing diastsis recti using MuTu in this blog post.

5. Homemade, healthier cookies or granola

I revamped my favorite cookie recipe here.

Orange Cranberry Ancient Grain Granola

 6. A food thermometer

Have you ever had food poisoning? Heating (or reheating) food to the proper temperature is important so you don't get sick. My husband put a new thermometer on his Christmas list to use while grilling. Here are a couple basic options.

7. Relaxing Music

Music is powerful at reducing stress (learn more here or here). Reducing stress is essential for optimal health. Here are a few options with great user reviews: 

8. Quality dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is known to have health benefits (read more here or here). The darker it is the more health benefits there are. Trader Joe's has a good selection or here are some good options from Amazon:

9. Books to inspire healthy living

Here are a few of my favorites for adults:

And a few of my favorite books for kids:

10. Essential Oils and a diffuser

Rocky Mountain Oils have great quality and reasonable prices. Here is the diffuser we use:

11. New clothes for exercising

A new workout outfit really can inspire a more active life.

12. Popcorn

Popcorn has many health benefits (read more here).  Make your own popcorn mix to share using this recipe from 100 Days of Real Food. Make a popcorn seasoning to give (get ideas here). Give a popcorn maker: stovetop or air popper. Fill a ball jar with popcorn kernels and add a ribbon.

13. A journal

Did you know there are health benefits to journaling? Read more in my recent post. My new favorite journal is the Spiritual Circle Journal.

14. Homemade trail mix

Combine some healthy nuts, seeds, dried fruit and maybe some chocolate or coconut. Raw nuts and seeds are the healthiest followed by dry roasted, unsalted. Do you need a recipe or guide to get started? Super Healthy Kids has a great one here

15. A fresh, whole pineapple or basket of other fresh fruit

Add a ribbon or bow and a card.

16. An adult coloring book and some colored pencils

Here are some that I like:

17. A massage 

A great way to reduce stress. Give a gift certificate to store in your local area, or purchase how to massage videos for couples (these are modest), or explore the options for self massage/fascia manipulation with Melt Method or Yoga Tune Up.

18. A water bottle 

Encourage hydration and reduce chemical exposure with a non-plastic water bottle. There are glass and stainless steel options. You could also gift a ball jar with the infuser insert (although the insert is plastic). Get some infusion ideas here. Some I like:

19. A potted plant

Spending time in nature can help reduce stress so bring some nature indoors too! Some plants can even help improve the indoor air quality. Get details and a list of easy to take care of plants in this post.

20. A bottle of quality olive oil

Be choosy about your olive oil. Consumer Reports found many olive oils don't live up to their label. Trader Joe's California Estate was one that passed the tests! This is the unflavored olive oil I buy (it's less expensive). For my infused olive oils I like Stuarto's

21. Chemical Free Cleaning Products

E-cloth and Norwex are both companies that produce quality chemical free cleaning cloths, mops and other cleaning tools. Get your (or their) home clean with only the cloth and water. Note: Norwex is a direct sales company. For the warrenty to be valied you must order from a Norwex consultant. If the warrenty isn't important to you, many products are available on Amazon.

22. Fresh baked loaf of bread

Few things in life are as delicious as fresh bread. Yeast breads and quick breads are both great options. I like this honey whole wheat recipe and this banana bread recipe from 100 Days of Real Food. You could even give a  bread machine. Here is the one I have:

23. Coffee or Tea

Coffee and Tea both can have health benefits. I like Alliance World Coffees. They are located in Muncie, Indiana where my alma mater, Ball State University is located. Integritea is a company in Lexington, Kentucky, my current hometown. And here are some other options:

24. Food, water, healthcare, livelihood to those in need

Compassion International has a gift catalog with lots of gift options and price points to help those in need. Read more about my passion for this organization and about their child sponsorship program here.

Samaritian's Purse also has a gift catalog with more practical ways to serve others. My kids had so much fun packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child earlier this Christmas season. Read more about our adventure and how you can participate next year by reading this post.

25. Portion Control Plates

These plates help with portion control:


There are affiliate links included in this post. Learn more about here. Thanks for your support.

Erin Marie