Walmart Grocery Pickup - A Review

Walmart Grocery Pickup - a Review. Read now or pin for later. - Health Happens at Home

I've tried (and reviewed) the Kroger ClickList and I really liked the convenience of this service, but I don't do a lot of shopping at Kroger.  I find their prices higher on items I tend to buy verses other stores I visit.  So, I was excited when I saw the Walmart near me was offering Grocery Pickup. With both the Kroger ClickList and Walmart Grocery Pickup services, you order groceries online (usually the night before) and pick them up by driving to the store where an employee brings them direct to your car.  No trying to navigate the aisles with little arms reaching for food. No meltdowns when their many requests for junk food are denied. Surely my kids are not the only ones who do this... :)  Those reasons alone make these services valuable to me!

After trying both, I found a couple differences between Kroger ClickList and Walmart Grocery Pickup in case you are comparing the two services to decide which to try first:

  • Kroger charges $5 per order after the first few (3-ish) orders which are free. Walmart's service is always free with a minimum $30 order (at least in the Lexington area).
  • Kroger orders must be completed the night before. Walmart offers same day orders.

What I liked about Walmart Grocery Pickup:

  • Not shopping with my kids!!!
  • I could edit my order (and I did) up until a specified cut off time
  • Scheduled the pick up when it was convenient for me
  • The employees I've worked with were super friendly!
  • I could choose whether to allow brand substitutions or not
  • I was able to get "non-grocery" items that my Walmart store sells: like make-up, air filters, etc.
  • No fee! I had no trouble reaching the $30 minimum order

What I didn't like:

  • Payment with a credit card is required. We prefer to pay for groceries with cash to ensure we stay within out budget. They also don't allow payment with Walmart gift cards yet.
  • Food labels were not available on the website. I ordered a couple items that I would not get again based on the ingredient list which I could not see online. In the future I will stick to food items I have previously purchased and know the ingredients.
  • Will not work for smaller grocery orders due to the $30 minimum. 

Conclusion: I will definitely be using this service again. The convenience is super nice. Next time I will make sure to stick with items where I have previously checked out the ingredient list.

Have you tried Walmart's Grocery Pickup? What was your experience. Let me know in the comments below.

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Posted on September 10, 2016 and filed under Review.