Ancient Grains: Spelt

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Facts on Spelt:

  • Berries can be used like other grains (rice, quinoa, amaranth) or ground into flour and used in place of whole wheat in recipes.
  • Has a softer more cake like texture than red or even white whole wheat flour
  • Contains less gluten than modern wheat so it's better tolerated by some but is still not safe for those with Celiac's disease. 
  • Is a cousin of wheat and nutritionally similar
  • The tough hull of the spelt plant makes it more naturally resistant to pests and diseases than modern wheat, reducing the need for fertilizers and pesticides. 
  • Contains B-vitamins and the minerals iron, manganese and iron
  • Whole grains including whole spelt aid digestive health, lower cholesterol, aid in blood pressure and weight control. 

Sources/Resources for more information:

Ancient Grains: Unlock the Powerful Potential of Ancient Grains and Transform Your Diet and Health Today by Jessica Campbell

I used spelt flour 1 for 1 in place of all purpose/while whole wheat in baking with great results. Spelt berries to make porridge are also available but I couldn't find any locally or online at a reasonable price. I order my spelt flour from Amazon on Subscribe and Save. 

Posted on March 1, 2017 and filed under Nutrition Nibbles.