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Menu Ideas - Sills Family July Meal Plan

Get some menu ideas for your family from our August meal plan. Read now or pin for later. - Health Happens at Home

How did your meal plan go last month? We had a few meals the kids would only taste and then they ate something else, but I felt pleased overall with our variety. I worked hard to offer/eat seafood twice weekly for the benefits of the Omega - 3's (check out my blog post on this) but it usually only happened once a week. I'll continue to work toward this but I will also be ordering some Omega 3 supplements. We spent one week on a beach vacation and enjoyed some non-typical food (blog post on this coming soon). 

It's July: a new month and clean slate! Time to try again at planning a menu for you or your family. I've been working on my family menu the last several days so I can share it with you. I hope you find some ideas here that will work for you. Contact me if you want more information or a recipe. I'll be sharing more and more here on the blog, so stay tuned in. In the mean time, check out my Pinterest boards for some inspiration to get started. If you would like me to sit  down with you and give you more specifics on how to meal plan just contact me.

Here is July's dinner plan. Clicking of the images should expand them to make it easier to read (the size not the handwriting :) 

We have a two birthday dinners this month, a date night, and mom's night out. I don't plan to cook anything on these nights. I have easy food planned for mom's night out. My kids also have an evening Vacation Bible School this month, which makes dinner's tricky. I tried to plan very quick dinners with some more substantial lunches that week. Here is the detailed version for that week.

I've had a few questions about online meal planning services. I am checking a couple of the out for you so I can give you some reviews - stay tuned! 

In the mean time here are a few more of my favorite kitchen products and tools I use to in the menus above. These are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from the link your price stays the same and I receive a small commission. Thanks for your support!

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