Healthy Living Monday Motivation

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Did you know journaling is healthy?! Check out my latest post for details and more on the journal designed for busy women.

Looking to reduce pesticide exposure but can't afford all organic (like me). Check out these produce picks for the lowest pesticide residues in conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.

I'm always looking for Christmas gift ideas this time of year. I'm loving this post from Real Mom Nutrition about gift ideas for cooks ... many of these work great for anyone who cooks (that would be most of us). I'm really loving the mason jar soon rest. I've started using a spoon rest near my Keurig. 

Sleep is important for our health but sometimes it's a commodity for busy families. Check out this post for 14 ways to improve your sleep.

The Rule of Two's can improve gut health. Learn more about this eating technique here.

A meal planning post and recipe post are in the works so check back on social media or the blog this week!

Hope you are inspired toward healthier living!

Erin Marie

Posted on December 7, 2015 and filed under Monday Motivation.