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Links on managing emotions, movement, school lunches, meal kit services, and organic produce to inspire healthier living. Read now or pin for later. - Health Happens at Home

It's back to school season. We are gearing up for another year of hybrid school (part-time homeschool, part-time Christian school). Here is a post about managing emotions with deep breathing to calm down. The post includes a video and printable. We will be using this in homeschool and maybe before bed. Deep breathing is good for adults too!

Movement helps kids (and adults) learn better. Here is a post with a printable of Simon Says game ideas. I'll be using this in homeschool and with my 4 year old Sunday School class. 

Is packing school lunches overwhelming you? Consider teaching kids to pack their own lunches. I'm inspired to try from this post

Did you see my review of Green Chef, the meal delivery service? We had a great experience. See if this service is right for you and how it compares to Hello Fresh

Curious about whether you should spend more on organic produce. This post hit the nail on the head: "the benefit of consuming produce is much higher than the risk of disease from pesticide residue". 

What inspired you today? Let me know the comments.

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