December Meal Plan

December Meal Plan for our family to inspire meal ideas for you. Read now or pin for later. - Health Happens at Home

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Here is our December meal plan. There are some links down below for recipes included. I hope this provides some inspiration for you.

Vegetarian Korma - I actually just pulled this out of the freezer from the last time I made it and served it with farro (the ancient grain I am experimenting with this month) instead of rice.

I am trying out the Sun Basket meal kit service this month! A review will be coming to the blog soon. Check out my review of other meal kit services Hello Fresh Family, Hello Fresh Vegetarian, Blue Apron, and Green Chef

Biscuits I am pulling out of the freezer for a quick meal but I use the 100 Days of Real Food Recipe

I also have sloppy lentils from the freezer I am using to put over baked potatoes. No way my kids will eat this but I will keep trying or they'll choose the back up food

I seriously love this whole grain waffle recipe! I try to serve "breakfast" once per week because it's easy and usually my kids will eat it. 

This Chicken Hummus Pizza looks amazing! I will use this crust recipe though to make it whole grain. 

This cauliflower recipe is new. I was shopping in Williams Sonoma and they were sampling something similar. It was amazing! I hope this is good. My family doesn't usually like cauliflower to let's try it a new way!

This pancake mix is very good. I pre-make it and store it in the freezer since I sub all whole grain flour. We also tried goat's milk for some variety and it was really good!

These baked pancakes are also very good. I usually forget to soak the flour. 

A new salad recipe using farro.

This burger recipe is one of my favorites!

I am hoping to use some left over sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving in this recipe. We'll see how it goes. 

What interesting recipes do you have planned this month? Please share below!

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