November Meal Plan

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How is it already November 12? I usually start my meal plan the last few days of the month and I'm just now planning our month. I've just not been into it. I did buy groceries, fixing easy food and those meals that we didn't get to last month. We have been hosting my family for Thanksgiving for the past few years, so I have been preparing for that weekend and it is reflected in the monthly meal plan. 

Unfortunately, my scanner isn't working and the printer component is on the fritz too. So, until I pick up a new all-in-on printer during the Black Friday Shopping, my menus this month will just be a list. 

If you are looking to start meal planning and need some help getting started, please contact me. 


Sunday, November 1 - Adults ate a fellowship meal at church and kids ate apples, cheese and Cherrios

Monday, November 2 - Jamison picked up a bucket of KFC and his parents came over to eat and watch the UK basketball game while I went grocery shopping.  Just goes to show, fried chicken can find a way into a dietitian's diet!

Tuesday, November 3 - Pizza (Little Caesar's) ... and more grocery shopping

Wednesday, November 4 - Left overs (that would be pizza and KFC) and fruit

Thursday, November 5 - Family dinner at my in-laws. My M-I-L made delicious chicken tacos and sent the leftovers home with us

Friday, November 6 - We ate lasagna and caesar salad at my in-laws since there was some additional family in town.

Saturday, November 7 - Adults ate hot dogs, chips and s'mores at a bonfire and kids had leftover lasagna at my in-laws.

Sunday, November 8 - Adults had fellowship meal at church, kids ate cheese, pears and kefir yogurt

Monday, November 9 - Pumpkin gingerbread muffins and no nitrate chicken sausage links

Tuesday, November 10 - Soba Noodles, shrimp, salad and mandarin oranges

Wednesday, November 11 - Tarragon roast chicken, potatoes and onions, and salad.  THis turned out great!  We will definitely do it again and I recommend you try!

Thursday, November 12 - Family dinner and watching the recent Survivor episode with my in-laws

Friday, November 13 - Pizza (using white whole wheat flour and garlic infused olive oil) and popcorn at the Operation Christmas Child Packing Party!

Saturday, November 14 - Fruit and  Twice baked "breakfast" sweet potatoes

Sunday, November 15 - Adults have a fellowship meal at church and kids will eat grilled cheese and apples

Monday, November 16 - Salmon burgers/patties and roasted carrots 

Tuesday, November 17 - Spaghetti (whole wheat noodles) and (grass fed beef) meatballs

Wednesday, November 18 - Baked white fish and green beans

Thursday, November 19 - Family Dinner at the in-laws again...  Every Thursday during Survivor season.

Friday, November 20 - Chocolate Crepes and scrambled eggs

Saturday, November 21 - Macaroni and cheese

Sunday, November 22 - Adults have fellowship meal at church and kids will eat granola and milk with fruit

Monday, November 23 - Dutchbabies/ German oven pancake and fruit

Tuesday, November 24 - Whole Wheat pasta with Trader Joe's Vodka sauce with canned salmon and a salad

Wednesday, November 25 - tortilla pizzas and salad

Thursday, November 26 - Thanksgiving! Turkey, Trader Joe's cornbread stuffing (the boxed stuff), cranberry sauce, corn casserole (Paula Dean's recipe), broccoli casserole, pineapple casserole, seven layer salad, baked sweet potatoes, Sister Shubert's Parker House Style dinner rolls. We eat health most of the time. At thanksgiving we make our favorite family recipes just as the recipe says. We enjoy the less healthy food in moderation and try not to overeat!

Oh and the Pineapple casserole is awesome!  If you are looking for something new - this unorthodox side is now a family favorite!  Contact me if you want the recipe!  For that matter - if you want to know how we cook any of our thanksgiving foods, I would love to share!

Friday, November 27 - Taco Soup

Saturday, November 28 - Family Dinner at the in-laws 

Sunday, November 29 - Leftovers

Monday, November 30 - Bean Burritos. I'll be making extras to freeze!

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Erin Marie

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