June Dinner & Pool Lunch Plan

June 2017 Meal plan with recipe links and my plan for decent lunches at the pool this summer. Read now or pin for later. - Health Happens at Home

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Here is the June 2017 dinner meal plan for my family with recipe links below. And then I've also listed my plan for some decent lunches while were are at the pool most days this summer (swim team and swim lessons has us there a lot!). So scroll down!

I didn't do real well with cooking last month, we ate out too much. So many of last month's recipes show up again.

Baked pasta is easy and so good.

Gonna try a quiche using frittata recipe and a crust of teff (we'll see).

Summer corn chowder is on the list.

Tuna cakes (instead of salmon)

I've got lentil tacos in the freezer from last month. Kids were not a fan but they did try avocado and cilantro that I served with them (huge win!).

I will limit the spice/heat on this corn radish salad the first time to see if the kids will eat it. 

I love mixing up flours. These scones use almond flour. 

More Miso Soup. This one is good to use in place of a pre-dinner salad.

Peanut noodles are so good. 

Waffles are always a hit.

Ravioli with Zucchini is a fav.

I love how this crepe recipe works for us.

This garlic shrimp pasta is really easy and light (I may sub scallops).

Crustless chicken pot pie. Not sure my kids will go for this.

Oven pancake is another fav around here. We like breakfast!

Oven baked salmon - trying to get more seafood (with Omega 3s in our diet)

I've had this bundt pan chicken on the plan several times but never made it. Going to try again this month. 

We had a bunch of bananas get over ripe recently so they are in the freezer and this Double Chocolate Zucchini bread looks amazing!

We are also planning to try a recipe from our Raddish kids cooking box (cinnamon rolls). This was a Easter gift to help get kids cooking! It also counts as homeschool!!

Summer is here! I plan to bring lunches to the pool many days this summer since we'll be there for swim team and swim lessons. 

Here are my non-tested ideas:

The Main Event:

  • Deli meat, cheese and crackers (daughters like Triscuits (whole grain!); son will only do saltines)
  • Stromboli leftovers (eaten cold), with marinara
  • Perfect Pitas (well, these may be just for me)
  • Bagel with cream cheese (or plain for the littlest one)
  • Pitas stuffed with deli meat and cheese 
  • Cold grilled cheese and bacon sandwich
  • DIY pita pizza (pita, cheese, sauce)
  • PB & J (these aren't usually a hit but worth a try)
  • Cheerios or Kix and milk

The Squeeze bottle (we love this reusable one from Amazon - it's easy to wash):

  • Kefir
  • Unsweetened applesauce
  • Vanilla whole milk yogurt


  • Apples
  • Berries (a pouch for the littlest who won't eat actual berries)
  • Kiwi (pouch for the littlest)
  • Orange slices (something for the oldest who doesn't like oranges)
  • Mandarin oranges (something for the oldest who doesn't like oranges)
  • Banana sliced in cereal
  • Peaches/plums/nectarines/watermelon (not huge hits but I need to keep offering them)


  • Raw mixed veggies from a Sam's Club veggie tray with rotating dips: hummus, guacamole, ranch (homemade or store bought in a pinch)
  • Veggie Cutouts
  • Salad (the middle child and I eat salad)


Do you have some bring to the pool favorite foods? Let me know in the comments below!

Don't forget that health happens at home,

Erin Marie

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