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Links about carb cravings, sports snacks, food labels, and diet in pregnancy. Read now or pin for later. - Health Happens at Home

Here are a few links from around the web to motivate you on this Monday!

12 Tips to Curb You Child's Carb Cravings from the Sears Wellness Institute. Most of these tips apply to adult too!  The post also includes a downloadable printable summary page. These tip and ore are covered in L.E.A.N. Start which I love to teach. Contact me to set up some time to go through these workshops with your family.

ADIDAS - All Day Long I Dream About Snacks is my most recent blog post all about transforming the recreational sports snack on my kids' soccer team.

Need some dinner ideas? Check out our September dinner plan.

Reading food labels may help  you lose weight. Check out this post for details.

A mother's diet during pregnancy can have long and lasting effects on the health of her child. Read more in this amazing post. If you are pregnant consider taking the L.E.A.N Essentials workshops that I offer. It is a 3 workshop series for any stage of pregnancy (preconception through post partum) and it is chalked full of great healthy living information specific for this season of life. Contact me to get started.

I hope you enjoyed.

Erin Marie

Posted on September 21, 2015 and filed under Monday Motivation.