Healthy Living Monday Motivation

Links about pumpkin seeds, Alzheimer's, blood work and more. Read now or pin for later. - Health Happens at Home

Here are some links from around the web to inspire healthy living on this Monday. Let's continue to make health our hobby!

Need some meal ideas?  Here is what my family has planned for October.

This slow cooker vegetable stew looks good. It will probably go on next month's meal plan. A great (warm) way to get more veggies in. You could  make a big batch and serve as a salad course alternative at meals.

What a great idea to add pumpkin seeds as a pancake topping! I tried it and it was great!

This post discusses some keys to Alzheimer's prevention and gives some "games" to play to help "grow" your brain. This is one of the topics we discuss in Prime Time Health. The workshop designed for adults. Contact me to get started on your personal coaching.

Have you had a blood panel lately? I've got one coming up. Eat healthy food to have healthy blood. Read more here

Hope you found some inspiration. I know I did - I haven't reached perfection yet either!

Erin Marie

Posted on October 12, 2015 and filed under Monday Motivation.