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Does rinsing fruit before you eat it really do anything? According to this post it's very effective at removing pathogens (germs).

The stomach bug can happens to any of us. Here are some tips for parents to help survive the stomach bug. I also learned the hard way that Purell (and similar) does not kill Norovirus so we've started getting this Clorox hand sanitizer for on the go (it doesn't contain any bleach), because it does kill that nasty bug (Zylast and Germstar Noro also kill Norovirus). Proper hand washing with soap and water is also effective a getting rid of norovirus and is the only way to rid your hands of C.Diff. spores, so teach proper hand washing to your littles and practice it yourself too. 

A healthier, less processed hot chocolate recipe! I'm sure we'll be having this soon. 

Exercise is healthy and not just for weight loss. "...exercise plays an important role in brain health and recovery." Read more here.

A healthier cinnamon roll recipe was in my lastest blog post. Check it out here.

Health happens at home! Start with one healthier choice today.

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Posted on January 4, 2016 and filed under Monday Motivation.