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It's winter here in the bluegrass and produce prices are high (especially grapes!). Time to start incorporating more seasonal citrus into our meal plan. Check out my latest post for a simple recipe to enjoy more grapefruit!

Last week I was venting on Facebook about the snacks my kindergartner was receiving after basketball. Sally from Real Mom Nutrition posted a fitting blog about just that: 8 Ways to Get Rid of Junk Food Sports Snacks.

I've been working hard to snack healthier (including a fruit or vegetable every time I eat) and snacking on more nuts and seeds. Check out this post on some of the benefits of walnuts. Also, consider the workshop Journey to a Happy, Healthy Life for more information on the health benefits of nuts and how mixed nuts have a synergistic effect. 

Looking to get more exercise? Check out this post for some 10- minute movement ideas.

My sweet 3 year old is already wishing for different hair. She has beautiful curly hair that her straight haired mom has a hard time controlling. I enjoyed the reminders in this post: 5 Things our Daughters Need to Hear About Their Bodies.

Have a great Monday!

Erin Marie

Posted on February 1, 2016 and filed under Monday Motivation.