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May Meal Plan

Our May dinner meal plan with links. Read now or pin for later - Health Happens at Home

It's just a few days into May and after 5 weeks our refrigerator is fixed!!! This made meal planning so much easier. We have alot of repeats on this months menu because we ate out at more than planned due to the fridge issue. 

Deviled Eggs -  these use sour cream instead of mayo. I may be the only one eating them. But I may be ok with that!

Still planning to try a healthier homemade blueberry muffin my kids will eat. Trying this recipe.

I am gonna try these lentil tacos for Cinco de Mayo. ...Already changing things up.

I will limit the spice/heat on this corn radish salad the first time to see if the kids will eat it. 

I am not a big soup fan but I really like miso so still planning to try this Black Bean Miso Soup this month. 

Cashew chicken looks good and easy. First time trying this one.

This Salmon loaf was good and we gotta try for a better photo too!

I love mixing up flours. These scones use almond flour. 

More Miso Soup. This one is good to use in place of a pre-dinner salad.

Still haven't tried this

Peanut noodles are so good. 

Waffles are always a hit.

Pasta chicken dinner is one pot. A new one.

Pumpkin pancake squares will be dinner and then go in the freezer for quick breakfasts.

Ravioli with Zucchini is a fav.

Lasagna bowl is super easy. 

And Taco Pizza is a keeper. We may make this on pita bread for an even faster version!

What easy meals do you have lined up this week/month?

Don't forget that health happens at home,

Erin Marie

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